Greater Snohomish County

2017 Annual Quilt Run

Preview of what is coming!

Wait until you see all of the rows. You' re going to love it!

A few Snapshots from 2016 Quilt Run
 We choose again from Moda for the 2016 Quilt Run. This time it was called Little Miss Sunshine

​As you can see, we also choose to make quilt rows this year rather than just a block. Each row had to have at least 3 of the coordinating fabrics and a background from the collection. I think we got a nice variety!
Some of our lucky winners got their stash of gifts and prizes packed in these fun tote bags. These bags were made from the featured collection by Becky of Cotton Candy Quilt Shop.
​Nicely done.
Here are two more of the finished quilts.
We all choose different sashings, alternate rows and borders. It certainly provided some ideas for you to work from or just be inspired by.

My personal favorite finished quilt was from Quilters Coop (pictured above). The four different border treatments were especially cleaver.

And here is Becky R.,  one of our "Runners" with her quilt top. Boy was she fast. Pinwheels are a nice addition.
And here is Sue G. of Marysville, with one of her quilty friends. They came by to pick up her bag of prizes. She had a very fun time exploring to see what was in her goodie bag. It's hard to believe all those wonderful things actually fit into the bag.
A few Snapshots from 2015 Quilt Run
In 2015 we choose a collection called Rustic Weave, by Moda. Our theme was baskets on point. as you can see, we all came up with different ideas of what those baskets might look like. 

​Here are two of the finished quilt tops.
Our winners this year were thrilled with all of the goodies in each basket. They had fat quarter collections, full quilt kits, patterns, books, and much more! Each basket was valued at over $250.
A few Snapshots from 2014 Quilt Run